domingo, 27 de janeiro de 2013

The machine is/using us

We are a group of students taking an online Master Course on E-Learning Pedagogy at Universidade Aberta, in Portugal. The teacher of Education and Society on the Web assigned us the following task: analyze and publish a post with a comment on your video.
We found your video “The Machine is Us /ing” very challenging and also full of meaningful content.
There is no doubt that Technology has changed our lives and the way we are. Sites, social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, YouTube, among others brought new concepts and cultural changes. In the past, people used to know each other face to face. Nowadays, people still connect but this time through the machine. So, we can say that people’s behavior has changed through times. Besides that, the new media created new ways of context, new ways of relating to others, new ways of knowing ourselves. These mediums shape not only conversations but also messages people are having or sending through them. In addition to this, the identity and the recognition are being also shaped. As a consequence, we can say that younger generations are addicted to the machine to the point that the person and the machine, they are only ONE.

In our viewpoint, nowadays people, especially younger generations still connect and communicate but using a different form of language and using the machine. So, we totally agree with the idea that “the machine is Us and that it is changing us”, even if we don’t notice it.

Sigma team ( Nathalie Ferret, Manuel Lousa & Pedro Vargas)

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