domingo, 27 de janeiro de 2013

The machine is (changing) us

Technology has changed our lives and our way of acting. Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter introduced new concepts and cultural changes. We’ve noticed that the "machine" has created new concepts through cultural changes. In the past, people based their relationships on daily physical contact. Nowadays people, especially the younger generations, interact through the "machine." Therefore, we can say that the "machine" has changed people's behavior, created new ways of relating with each other, new ways of knowing and, of course, new content. All these contribute to the construction of identity and recognition and the notion of authenticity and "self" may be changing. 

Another aspect that has changed with the use of the "machine" was the "context" that is dimmed. The one, who is communicating through the "machine", does not know if someone is on the other side, however ‘that other side’ is as close as it has never been: It’s at the distance o a click… our thoughts take less than one second to reach the entire world, sculpted in an entire new language.
New technological resources promote new ways of finding our ‘true’ identity. 

If it is true that we deepen the knowledge about ourselves through verbal interaction, and it’s true that the overwhelming multiplication of this interaction, promoted by the new media, can result in something good

So good if it was as easy as that! We all know that it can result also in not so good things… Thank you for your challenge… we care! 

Sigma team ( Nathalie Ferret, Manuel Lousa & Pedro Vargas)

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