domingo, 27 de janeiro de 2013

A vision of students today

Many teachers and education institutions, still grasp to inadequate pedagogical models and learning designs. We/they continue to attach to our/ their status quo and to a teaching comfort zone, forgetting the essential: technology has changed the context of learning, among other things, and the learning center is the learner not the teacher (it has always been but…). 

The learners-persona expectations, goals, needs, language, connections, skills or difficulties have changed, regardless the obstinate maintenance of rigid, depersonalized and hierarchic structures of a lot of educational institutions (especially of the university/high level). Listening to (knowing how and what to listen) what students have to say is, again, crucial to understand witch pedagogical paths can be created or recreated, integrating positively the huge influence of technology in our lives, interactions and ways of thinking and learning. 

Nevertheless, questions remain, mainly for economical and political reasons: What will the future of educational institutions be? What will happen to teachers that cannot follow or adapt to the changes? Meanwhile, “educators” are practicing within hybrid pedagogical models and coexisting teaching-learning designs.

Sigma team ( Nathalie Ferret, Manuel Lousa & Pedro Vargas) 

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